How to import Coconut oil from the Philippines

Philippines is one of the largest Coconut oil Exporter in the world. Philippines export 1,109,112 tons of Coconut oil each year. Philippines coconut oil is also considered one of the best Coconut oil in the world.

How to import Coconut oil from the Philippines?

There are many ways to import coconut oil from the Philippines. In this blog post you will get to know all the possible ways of importing Coconut oil from the Philippines. In the Philippines small farmers grow Coconuts and then sell it to a buyer or also know as distributor. Then from distributor buys the local companies who extract the oil from the coconut. Then the oil is packed labeled and shipped to the buyer destination. Some business owner do know exporting process and can guide you with all the steps.

The oil is packed according to the destination of its arrival. The cold press coconut oil froze in a cold environment. Based on that supplier provides you the packing which fits with your country weather. For the could countries Coconut oil is packed in a glass container. For the warm countries it can be storage in a plastic bottles which has small mouth. If you want to import the coconut oil from the Philippines. It is cheaper to have it label and packed in the Philippines.

The labeling, printing, and bottle is cheaper in the Philippines. You can tell your buyer how you would like your finish product and they will make it possible. So find a supplier who do the extracting of oil him self and provide you the complete product.

Most supplier require you to send 50 percent in advance and rest is paid when shipment arrive to your destination port. . Once you pay them your order can be release from the port. You can visit Philippines and find a supplier your self or you can write to us and we can provide you supplier which we have worked in the past and proven to be trust worthy. We can also send our staff in the Philippines who can update you with on going process.