About Us

Health and Wellness Organica the organic products of the Philippines  

H&W Orgnaica is a micro company, who is devoted to producing organic products. Our production center is in Davao City Philippines, we produce an organic product for skin care. We are different people from different countries working together, with European management style.


Our vision is to promote organic products globally. We want to send a message out in the world that organic products are healthy and good for the environment. We can make the earth a better place by using the natural sources and keep it clean without chemical.


Our mission is to help local farmer from Philippine. Help to create jobs for the local community so their kids can go to school.  Produce locally and help to improve the Philippines economy

                                                       Company Structure 

Founder of H&W ORGANICA

Alvin louie

Alvin louie

Marking director


Furqan Rathore

Sales in charge



For Inquires Contact  Us
Email: arthskov@gmail.com

Whats app and Viber +4550336186

Reach us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/furqan.rathore

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